Eyes Blue

Guêpière 16 inches

Features Neo left cheek

Favorite colors Black and all shades of red

Best city Paris

Best movie

Best Food all shades of chocolate



Born Silvia Manganiello in Cinecitta’, the movie city in Rome , La Dyvina grew up fascinated by the Golden Age of Cinema, pin-up imagery, and vintage lingerie. This natural blonde girl went on to transform herself into a glamour girl like those she always admired.

A performing dancer since 1998 and burlesquer since 2010, La Dyvina holds the biggest and most sensual glamorous dancer and burlesque performer in Italy, and is credited with bringing the art from back into the spotlight with a new sense of elegance and sophistication.

Taking audiences on a journey into fantasy and spectacle, La Dyvina is the performer of choice at high profile events including Boscolo Luxury Hotel, Club Mediterranée, Sanremo Casinò and also the real famous tv show “Lady Burlesque “, the vintage videoclip “Lipstick" by Dott Reed, and the only guest star in Sanremo famed Casinò and the first on italian movie "Matrimonio a Parigi”.

La Dyvina also made a dancing appearance with famous international coreographer Luca Tommassini in prime time television in the Uk (Top of The Pops, Smash Hits, Cd Uk, Mtv Europe Music Awards...), with international stars like Kylie Minogue, Ricky Martin, Geri Halliwell and Robbie Williams. She’s the most sensual, glamorous and sophisticated dancer and burlesque perfomer,  just like the international amazing performer Dita Von Teese.


Is a form of vintage-inspired dance, very sensual and ironic, created by La Dyvina, international dancer and teacher, combining the splendid performances of the great musicals from Sweet Charity to Chicago, from Cabaret to Nine, from Flashdance to Moulin Rouge, up to the Burlesque of Cher an Aguilera.

The Sensual Dance of La Dyvina brings to light the art of feminine, elegant and seductive gestures of the divas of other time, reviving that magical enchantment full of refined, sensual and fascinating atmospheres.

La Dyvina has been operating for years in the world of show business, carrying out all kinds of entertainment, events, conventions, parties, gala evenings, with the best artists of the Italian and International arena.

She run all types of shows, live jazz band, rock, pop, vintage music 30s-50s-80s, dancers, cabaret, burlesque performers, clowns, male and female pole dancer, air performances (fabrics, hoop, ball etc …), theme evenings:

- late '800 with costumes and dancers Moulin Rouge style

- 30’s in full Prohibition of ganster, cases of whiskey and charleston dancers to swing time and lindy hop

- 50’s Dolce Vita, Fellini between dream and clowning ...

La Dyvina proposes a series of shows and entertainment in all environments should you need an elegant and glamorous entertainment, classy, impressive one of a kind service.